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        Angular contact bearing

        Angular contact ball bearing can bear both radial load and axial load as well as pure shaft load. They have

        Higher limit speed. Contact angle of 15 degrees is usually used for high precision and high speed bearings. The contact angle determines

        Axial load capacity. The gripper is made of brass, synthetic resin or other materials, and the application conditions are as follows.

        Shoulder heights on both sides of the inner and outer rings are different. In order to increase the bearing capacity, lower the shoulder on one side so that the bearing can be installed into more balls. Angular contact ball bearing pairs can bear radial load as the main combination of radial and axial bidirectional load or under pure radial load. The series configuration can only bear one-way axial load, and other configurations can bear any direction of axial load. This kind of bearing is generally submitted by the manufacturer and assembled by the user. After installation, the preload is interference, and the steel ring and steel ball are in the axial preload state, thus improving the support stiffness and the operation accuracy of the overall bearing group as a whole.

        AP uses: machine tool spindle, high frequency motor, gas turbine, centrifuge, oil pump, roots blower, air compressor, transmission, printing machinery.


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